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Factory Reset


Hi Team,


Hope all of you are doing good.


I am planning to do factory reset of BIG-IP.


Can you please let me know the process and precautions to do this activity.







You can refer below article.

Hi Mayur,


Thanks for reply. I have been through this article.


But still issue with F5, its in Inoperative mode , GUI stuck in configuration utility restarting. I did all

possible troubleshooting but no luck. Its BIG-IP 4000 and on 11.6 version.




you performed all the steps from the K article?


do you get anything on the CLI?


what does the /var/log/ltm say?

It says that mcpd is stopped and when we try to start it, then again same error message.

the log probably says more, there usually is a reason why something doesn't work.


i also would advise contacting support, they can access your system (remote session) and quickly determine an issue. for us that is more difficult.

Thanks Boneyard .. yeah that atlast I have to do.

Looks like your version is hit with the bug -

I'd suggest you to see if you can do a mcpd forceload and then do a reboot to see if the box comes up properly and loads the config. Try your luck. If not engage F5 support.

Thanks Jaikumar for reply, will

upgrading it to stable version fix the issue ? Currently i am in 11.6 and it’s BIG-IP 4000 series.If so then which will be the good version to upgrade.




I see your planning to repurpose this box by setting it with default config. If I were you surely I'll try my options with above. Since the solution is just a point fix, it should be an easy upgrade.

Also some suggestions, you can go to grub menu and see if there's other images and boot with them. Then install new image in your desiring volume and boot back. It's all troubleshooting you gotta to do to resolve. Options are many !!!​

i degrade it to older version, which was there in box and rebooted it. It was stable for time being and when I reboot it to test the issue it again went to “Configuration Utility Restarting”.


Not sure either issue with box or version.

Box is 4000 series and Version is 11.6

Were you able to install the stable version as listed on the article I shared. Install it and boot from the image. Then try your formatting, see if it resolves.​