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About CPU

Hello,When I was checking CPU usage, I found that there are many types of...What do they represent...?The CPU in the dashboard again represents which one in cmmandAny help would be appreciated! 

Michaelyang_0-1669780254527.png Michaelyang_1-1669780374177.png

F5 OS r-Series cron job schedule

Hello All,I am looking for some assistence to schedule a cron job on the F5 OS host for taking regular backup for the F5 host system and exporting it to the remote path.I am trying to execute commands from bash terminal however it doesnt seems to be ...

iRule Header Insert

I have a F5 setup for C3D (working), but the customer states they also need the original user certificate, so added an iRule to insert the whole user certificate doing the header insert.Customer has come back and said that need the certificate withou...

sgnormo by Cirrus
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BIG-IP Forgotten password

Hello,i am running F5 BIG-IP on vmware. i forgot the password for the root username.  by that i am not able to access F5 GUI through it's management IP address. how to change the root password from the CLI note that i am not able to login.

Alain1 by Mist
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Resolved! Http monitor on different port

Hello ,Is it possible that the port on the http monitor is not the same as the port on the service?EX.F5 monitor 1111 portBut the pool server port is 2222I thought about using an external monitor to achieve this, is there a way to use http monitor to...

Resolved! F5 APM Home lab setup

Dear Experts,I am looking for setup F5 APM home lab, can you please guide me how to prepare it what are the backend server required if any one of you done kindly share the list of the coustomize backend server anything please

aali86 by Altostratus
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F5 custom user_alert.conf same trap with alert.conf

HiRefer to We should use different name and different match message from the one in alert.confIf I want to set email alert on CPU temp high (this stanza is in alert.conf)alert BIGIP_SYSTEM_CHECK_E_CPU_TEMP_HI...

kridsana by Cirrostratus
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Community Highlights, Week 47, '22

Tip of the week: Let us know what topics or which guests you'd like to see on DevCentral Connects by replying to @Anthony_Hynes' COMMENT in the DevCentral Connects group Forum post highlights: @Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh, @Nikoolayy1, @CA_Valli, @Kai_Wi...


F5 Network Map to Json with Python

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’.Short DescriptionWith this code, you can obtain your network map, and save it a json file.Problem solved by this Code SnippetBy default capabilities of IContro...

iRule based RADIUS Health Monitor Builder

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’. Short Description The F5-RADIUS-HealthMonitor-Builder iRule can be used to compute tailordered UDP payload SEND/RECV strings to health monitor RADIUS Server i...

MVP Logo.jpg

Logstash pipeline tester

Code is community submitted, community supported, and recognized as ‘Use At Your Own Risk’. Short Description A tool that makes developing logstash pipelines much much easier.   Problem solved by this Code Snippet Oh. The problem... Have you ever tr...

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 22.35.16.png Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 22.35.16.png

External Monitor with curl command

Hi experti want to write script for external monitor as scenarioi have 3 pools with priority group less than 1 that mean only 1 server should accept traffic and the others are standbythe priority group as expected but the development want only 1 pool...

Agus12 by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! UCS file

Hi ,i have following question about UCS ..What is a “normal” size of UCS file and consider different Modules like LTM / ASM / AWAF / APM and their combinationsWhich files / directories are in a UCS by default?Which files are in the UCS and are not th...

Resolved! About Https monitor

Hello,I would like to monitor servers that arehttps:// would like to monitor when the webpage is not available.I checked the F5 file and it says I can set it up like this:SEND: GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost...

Resolved! Failover for specific virtual server

Hello everyone,I'm kinda new on F5 and i'm trying to learn about different failover mechanism.Let's supose we have an active/standby configuration and each device have 3 virtual server ( A, B and C )each one with their respective pools.It is possible...

use irule to sign data using sha256

Hello everyone, I have a request like this:HTTP REQUEST- headerPOST /login HTTP1/1Host: xxxxxx<some other fields>- Body:<data>----> f5 receives and uses Irule to modify the HTTP REQUEST as follows:- Header: Unchanged- Body:<data> + <Hash the data str...

Resolved! .htaccess to Nginx rules

My website was working fine with Apache .htaccess rules. Now I have sifted it to nginx because ofa new server. I need help to convert following apache rules to nginx directives/configurations.also, where in my ./etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

Razzera by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! Cannot see GSLB in F5

Hello, Under DNS, there should be GSLB based on documents, but l cannot see it. Did I miss some steps? Please see the below screenshot. Thanks   

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