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Apr 05, 2018

Is it possible to get the PC name knowing its IP address?



Is it possible to get the PC name knowing its IP address? Customers are internal users that log in to ActiveDirectory? Can it be done with iRule? I have iRule that collects customers IP addresses, but I need to know names of their PC’s.


Thanks, jaskul


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  • Hi thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I haven't this license yet. And what's your idea?


  • Hello,


    you have 2 possibilities to recover the name of the machine via an irule (With User IP Address). either by doing the correspondence in a datagroup. I do not know how many machines you have, but it might take a long time for you to record and maintain them in a datagroup.


    or the simple way is to do a reverse dns (PTR) via an Irule, however, as previously specified you need a specific license for this. you can request an add-on of tests and validate this feature. if it interests you I can make you irule.




  • Hi,


    I've another big-ip where there is DNS license :) So please could you make this irule for me. I'll test it but in my environment if I query for PTR record I can't get the hostname :(


    Maybe there is another way to achieve this goal – if you have some idea i.e. to use script in bash with "gethostbyaddr" or some like “ping -a IP” - in windows environment. What do you think?




  • Hello,


    good to now that's it's works. can you please validate my response!!!