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Jan 04, 2024

Can we upgrade F5 VE OVA, LTM_1SLOT or ALL_1SLOT in future?

I am downloading a new OVA file to build a new VE F5 and come across below statement. Does this means, if I use LTM_1SLOT or ALL_1SLOT file, I wouldn`t be able to upgrade my VE to next firmware version in future ?

In this scenario, should I go with OVA LMT or All? 


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  • *1SLOT is not upgradable as the mentioned by the docs.

    LTM vs ALL depends on your F5 license and future plan.
    Definitely choose ALL if you have additional license than LTM.
    Anyway, ssd is quite cheap now ($100 ~ 1TB) so better choose ALL for flexibility

  • Thanks Cirrus for the response.
    If 1SLOT is not upgradable then what is the purpose of it?

    As mentioned in article, bydefault its not upgradable but if we expand the disk size we can upgrade it. Is that correct?

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      1SLOT or LTM only are probably intended for development environment or to save money on cloud bill which charges storage usage

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      One of the ways to work in cloud environments is by just removing the old and spinning up a new environment when you make a change. So in that case it is easier to have a small / quick image.

      For an upgrade you just delete the old, spin up a new one a reapply the config which is done with automation most likely.

      I would say the _1SLOT is for specific cases, if you are unsure use the normal one.

  • I have one F5 running with 1SLOT image, can I upgrade it after expanding the disk size? 

  • Hello JRahm, could you please suggest? I have one F5 running with 1SLOT image, can I upgrade it after expanding the disk size? Can I leave it runnning as it is or need to redeploy with ALL image? 



  • HI ndubey2 the docs say you can't do it by default, but it doesn't say you can't do it. Might open an inquiry to confirm. But if you're able to experiment, you could follow the instructions in K04428546 to add disk and resize and then create a boot volume in gui/cli and proceed as normal.