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May 08, 2019

Upload Of Qkview takes forever

To upload QKview file in we are using the following command:


curl -i --user-agent "F5-EM/3.0" --insecure --cookie /home/appviewx/appviewx/tmp/ihealth/LoginCookie_bigip.40.151.payoda.com_5ccff6c4d27fae2ccebeb9e4.txt --cookie-jar /home/appviewx/appviewx/tmp/ihealth/UploadCookie_bigip.40.151.payoda.com_5ccff6c4d27fae2ccebeb9e4.txt -o - -F qkview=@/home/appviewx/appviewx/tmp/ihealth/IHEALTH_REPORT_bigip.40.151.payoda.com_20190506_142559.tar.gz -F 'visible_in_gui=True'


It took around 4-6 hours to upload a file of size 70MB.


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  • It's all depend on Internet speed in fact you can download n directly upload QKview file to iHealth. Did you tried plan Unix scp command? User ID will be request number n password will be your service password.


    We usually do when upload file from F5 CLI and it's directly go to F5 dropbox.


    scp /var/tmp/abc.qkview 1-54378xxx@:


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      Actually AppViewX is an ADC automation product which enables user to Automates these task on the ADC devices such as F5 Load Balancer. Its not an issue with Internet Speed, We have verified that.We are Using Icontrol API's of iHealth. But some how there is delay in that.


  • I agree with Surya, mine stalled twice at 10% and then at 15%, but went ahead in 3rd attempt. I WinSCP'd the qkview file to my computer, and was uploading to ihealth from computer.