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Apr 09, 2019

UDP Virtual server (port 162) not working on version Build 0.0.7 Point Release 1

Hi I have set up a UDP standard Virtual Server with 1 member, listening to port UDP 162. The purpose of this VS is to balance SNMP traps to the pool members.


The VS is not working. Traps sent to the VS are not sent to the members. I have done a very similar set up with another F5 deployment running an older version. So I'm not sure what the problem is.


Is anybody aware of a bug in the software?


This is my VS config: ltm virtual PDC-GGRDR-SNMP-VS { creation-time 2019-04-09:15:51:34 destination ip-protocol udp last-modified-time 2019-04-10:07:37:34 mask pool GGRDR-SNMP-Pool profiles { udp { } } source translate-address disabled translate-port disabled vlans { vlan511 } vlans-enabled vs-index 4 }


Pool: ltm pool GGRDR-SNMP-Pool { members { SILV-GenGET-Reader:snmptrap { address session monitor-enabled state up } } monitor gateway_icmp }


Thanks! Mick


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  • start a tcpdump to see if they are send or not

    tcpdump -nn -i 0.0:nnnp host

    be careful on a busy production system with high load.