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May 03, 2011

Routing using the virtual command

I'm having a problem routing traffic using the virtual command on HTTPS and hope that someone can help.



I have everything working on HTTP I just can't get HTTPS to work.



Basically when a certain condition is met I want to change the URI and route the traffic back into the same virtual server without the user seeing a change in URL i.e. I don't want to use a 302 redirect.



I have sanitised this but something along the lines of









if {$myVar < 1} {


HTTP::uri "/new.html"


virtual [virtual name]







I'm suspecting that the issue with HTTPS is to do with the Client/ServerSSL profiles, I was wondering if the ServerSSL profile was being used with the new connection to the virtual server. At any rate I get a Connection Reset.



Any ideas how I can solve or better troubleshoot my issue?








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