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Nov 10, 2020

Need help with iFile HTML usage

I have an iFile that I want to use to display a redirect maintenance page. Here is what I have so far:

  if {[string tolower [HTTP::host]] equals ""}{
    switch [HTTP::uri] {
      "/file.html" {HTTP::respond 200 content [ifile get "file.html"] }
     default {HTTP::respond 200 content [ifile get "file.html"] }

My question here is that we have some iRules that reference different paths for ex:, /apple, etc. Will this overule the other iRule for the the different pathings on the site?

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  • Hi  ,


    As far i recollect, you cannot call multiple http respond/redirect in a single event, it will throw TCL error with Operation not supported, too many redirect/respond in same event. But.... When you use conditions like ( if/else, switch), it should work, because the condition alone gets executed thus eliminating multiple respond or redirect being invoked in same process.