Where are F5's archived deployment guides?

Archived F5 Deployment Guides

This article contains an index of F5’s archived deployment guides, previously hosted on F5 | Multi-Cloud Security and Application Delivery. They are all now hosted on cdn.f5.com.

Archived guides...

  • are no longer supported and no longer being updated - provided for reference only.
  • may refer to products or versions, by F5 or 3rd parties that are end-of-life (EOL) or end-of-support (EOS).
  • may refer to iApp templates that are deprecated.
    For current/updated iApps and FAST templates see myF5 K13422: F5-supported and F5-contributed iApp templates 

Current F5 Deployment Guides

Deployment Guides (https://www.f5.com/resources/deployment-guides)

IMPORTANT: The guidance found in archived guides is no longer supported by F5, Inc. and is supplied for reference only. For assistance configuring F5 devices with 3rd party applications we recommend contacting F5 Professional Services here: Request Professional Services | F5

Archived Deployment Guide Index

Deployment Guide Name (links to off-platform) Written for…
CA Bundle Iapp BIG-IP V11.5+, V12.X, V13
Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 10 BIG-IP V11.4 - V13: LTM, AAM, AFM
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 BIG-IP V11 - V13: LTM, APM, AFM
Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 BIG-IP V11.4 - V13: LTM, APM, ASM, AFM, AAM
Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services BIG-IP V11 - V13: LTM, APM
SAP Netweaver: Erp Central Component BIG-IP V11.4: LTM, AAM, AFM, ASM
SAP Netweaver: Enterprise Portal BIG-IP V11.4: LTM, AAM, AFM, ASM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 And 2011 BIG-IP V11 - V13: LTM, APM, AFM
IBM Qradar BIG-IP V11.3: LTM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and 2015 BIG-IP V11 - V13: LTM, APM, AFM
SSL Intercept V1.5 BIG-IP V12.0+: LTM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 BIG-IP V9.X: LTM
SSL Intercept V1.0 BIG-IP V11.4+, V12.0: LTM, AFM
SMTP Servers BIG-IP V11.4, V12.X, V13: LTM, AFM
Oracle E-Business Suite 12 BIG-IP V11.4 - V13: LTM, AFM, AAM
HTTP Applications BIG-IP V11.4 - V13: LTM, AFM, AAM
Amazon Web Services Availability Zones BIG-IP LTM VE: V12.1.0 HF2+, V13
Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications BIG-IP V11.4+: LTM, AAM, AFM, ASM
HTTP Applications: Downloadable IApp: BIG-IP V11.4 - V13: LTM, APM, AFM, ASM
Oracle Weblogic 12.1, 10.3 BIG-IP V11.4: LTM, AFM, AAM
IBM Lotus Sametime BIG-IP V10: LTM
Analytics BIG-IP V11.4 - V14.1: LTM, APM, AAM, ASM, AFM
Cacti Open Source Network Monitoring System BIG-IP V10: LTM
NIST SP-800-53R4 Compliance BIG-IP: V12
Apache HTTP Server BIG-IP V11, V12: LTM, APM, AFM, AAM
Diameter Traffic Management BIG-IP V10: LTM
Nagios Open Source Network Monitoring System BIG-IP V10: LTM
F5 BIG-IP Apm With IBM, Oracle and Microsoft BIG-IP V10: APM
Apache Web Server BIG-IP V9.4.X, V10: LTM, WA
DNS Traffic Management BIG-IP V10: LTM
Diameter Traffic Management BIG-IP V11.4+, V12: LTM
Citrix XenDesktop BIG-IP V10: LTM
F5 As A SAML 2.0 Identity Provider For Common SaaS Applications BIG-IP V11.3+, V12.0
Apache Tomcat BIG-IP V10: LTM
Citrix Presentation Server BIG-IP V9.X: LTM
Npath Routing - Direct Server Return BIG-IP V11.4 - V13: LTM
Data Center Firewall BIG-IP V11.6+, V12: AFM, LTM
Citrix XenApp Or XenDesktop Iapp V2.3.0 BIG-IP V11, V12: LTM, APM, AFM
Citrix XenApp Or XenDesktop BIG-IP V10.2.1: APM
Updated Sep 18, 2023
Version 3.0

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