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Feb 18, 2011

Load Balancing with External Pool members

Im running LTM 10.1 and I've been using Virtual Servers with Pools and nodes inside my LAN.


Now, Im required to balance traffic from Nodes on the Internet (basically two or more boxes with Public IPs and the same Web Application outside my premises)



Is that accomplished the same way I do now? (creating the nodes, but with the Public IPs instead)


I tried, but somehow is not working.



Maybe is something veru simple Im forgetting.








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  • Hi Manny,



    Make sure to add a TMM route to the non-local hosts and use SNAT (automap is simplest) on the virtual server.



  • Hello Aaron,



    I did, and it worked,, I can balance traffic on external nodes, thanks!, now, the only problem is that those servers use Google Analytics,, now it seems Im hitting them with my LTM IP, instead of with the customers IP.


    Im afraid the stats are going to be affected.




    I wonder is that has a workaround.










  • If you make the LTM the gateway for your servers, then you won't need to snat the traffic and the source IP will be visible for your servers. Otherwise, you can in the HTTP profile (or in an iRule, but go with the profile first) insert the X-Forwarded-For header which will pass the client IP to the server. Your servers will need to be configured to retrieve from the header.
  • Jason



    I cannot make the LTM the default gateway, because the Nodes are on the Internet with Public IPs, (hosted on Third-Party web hosting facilities).



    But I like the other option, about "retrieving the IP from the header",, and I think I can work on the iRule.



    Is there documentation on how to do that on Apache and Tomcat?


    The Nodes are administered by someone else and I will need to tell them what to do or where to find information about that.


    And those are the servers they run.









  • Hi Manny,



    SOL4816 has details on how Apache and IIS can parse the XFF header for logging. It might be possible to adapt that for Google Analytics.



    sol4816: Using the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header to preserve the original client IP address for traffic translated by a SNAT