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Oct 06, 2014

Help with SOAP Monitor

I am attempting to use the built-in SOAP monitor on an LTM with 10.2.4.


I have made several attempts, but no success yet. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!


One of the biggest issues I have is how to I validate that the customer has given me a legitimate POST request and that I'm getting back the result they say I should? They claim to have verified using SOAP-UI, and tell me that this request should work but so far my pool members all fail this monitor.


Admittedly, I have very little SOAP knowledge and so I'm having trouble deconstructing the SOAP POST request the customer has provided me, with what I need to put in the fields of the monitor. Can someone help me identify what components of this request need to be included in my SOAP monitor fields and what goes where?


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