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May 06, 2011

HA pair - NOT out of synch after amending a CLASS file

Looking for some help please.



We have a a pair of 6900's setup in HA pair.



I was asked to amend one of the CLASS files which is setup to do some re-directs



e.g. "" := ""



I synchronised BigIP's, amended class file on the LIVE BigIP then did a 'b load'.



The redirect worked ok. However I expected the BigIP's to now be out of synch?



They are not though - on the GUI on each BigIP it confirms that BigIP's are in synch.



Looking at the standby BigIP confirms that the CLASS file IS different to the active BigIP.



Any ideas?


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  • You shouldn't need to run a b load to initialize the change to the datagroup. The change will take effect immediately for new connections.



    I'm not sure why the config change wouldn't trigger the config state being unsynchronized. You could try testing this more by doing a config sync and then making another test change to a different datagroup to see if you see the same issue. If so, you could open a case with F5 Support on this.



  • Aaron - sorry - should have said that the class file is an external file. Hence requirement to for 'b load'.



  • You can force a reread of the external datagroup file by toggling the "Access Mode" parameter of the datagroup definition. This avoids the need for a 'b load'.



    Can you try that and see if you still see the config out of sync when doing that on one unit?