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Aug 03, 2022

BigIQ and BigIP status out of synch

Is there a task or function on BigIQ where it can quickly synch the status of BigIQ and its managed device like BigIP LTM so that they both reflect the same object status?

We are seeing that BigIQ is slow in updating its status both in Production and Lab( with only 1 pair of LTM and 1 VIP/node/pool). Whenever we make changes on a Node like Disable/Enable/Force-Offline function, the status on BigIQ doesn't quickly reflect whats the status of the node on the LTM. It takes minutes or forever for BigIQ to reflect the same status. Any feedback will help. Thanks!


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  • When a product is managed by BIG-IQ your meant to make changes using BIG-IQ. You are not meant to touch the managed F5. The BIG-IQ is a product management solution hence it is mean to be the source of truth for device configuation. So all changes should happen through its console. 

    For faster convergence of node/virtual status configure SNMP alerting options to inform BIG-IQ of status changes othewise it will pick up changes on polling which takes time -  AskF5 | Manual: BIG-IQ: Monitoring and Reports

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      Hi Kevin_Davies, the link provided is to enable SNMP on BIGIQ and have it polled or send traps to an NMS. Can you elaborate more on how will this improve updates from managed BIGIPs to BIGIQ? Do we need to setup the managed BIGIP's to send SNMP traps to BIGIQ?? Thanks in advance!