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Dec 18, 2018

Active/Standby BigIp details using BigIq REST APi

I would like to view Active and Standby details of clustered BIGIP using BIGIQ REST API. Like viewing DSC group details in BIGIQ, need to view the same using BIGIQ REST API. Please let me know how we can view the details using REST API.


  • ; will give dsc group details with Active/Standby information.


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  • You can use

    tm cm
    class iControl REST endpoints to retrieve cluster status. For example,

    To get the

    tmsh show cm traffic-group
    equivalent output, run

    curl -sku : https:///mgmt/tm/cm/traffic-group/stats


    tmsh show cm sync-status

    curl -sku : https:///mgmt/tm/cm/sync-status


    tmsh show cm failover-status

    curl -sku : https:///mgmt/tm/cm/failover-status

    See also Wiki: iControlREST API Reference.

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      Hi Lalitha,

      did you find the REST API endpoint to indetify which one is active or standby in a DSC group?