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May 16, 2021

F5 SDK help to delete a provided node on the LTM

Hello All,

I'm in need of F5 SDK help to delete a provided node on the LTM. I have prepared the below scripts and for some reason the sequence is not wrong.


Could you please suggest?


from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot


# Connect to the BigIP and configure the basic objects

mgmt = ManagementRoot("x.x.x.x", "x.x.x.x", "x.x.x.x")


#Enter the member name to delete

member1 = input("Enter the host_name to delete ")


#Get a collection of all members and load it

all_members =

member_delete = mgmt.ltm.pool.members_s.load(name='member1', partition='Common')


# Find for a given node and Delete a node if it exists

if mgmt.ltm.pool.members_s.exists(name='member1', partition='Common'):





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  • Hello Thiyagu.

    This works for me:

    from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot
    # ----------------------------------------------------------
    session = ManagementRoot("F5_mgmt_IP","username","password",token=True)
    pools =
    for pool in pools:
        for member in pool.members_s.get_collection():