Deleting an AS3 Tenant

Wanted to share the below method for deleting AS3 tenant's as it wasn't documented . You can use the HTTP delete method; but if an admin misses the tenant name after /declare/ it would wipe out all tenants!

If you POST the below body to the 'https://{{bigip_mgmt}}/mgmt/shared/appsvcs/declare'; as its a blank declaration; AS3 will remove your partition / tenant.






    "class": "AS3",
    "action": "deploy",
    "declaration": {
        "class": "ADC",
        "schemaVersion": "3.1.0",
        "id": "tenant_name",
        "label": "tenant_name_via_AS3",
        "remark": "tenant_name_via_AS3",
            "class": "Tenant"        







Published Dec 07, 2022
Version 1.0

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