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Feb 14, 2013

Exchange iapp for multiple Exchange servers (different customers)

I'm on version 11.2.1 and using f5.microsoft_exchange_2010_cas.2012_06_08.



I created an "APM will provided secure remote access" iapp for one of our customers and it worked for the most part ( where you define the AD server, it does not respect routing domains, but not getting into that now as I can work around it)



I decided to create another one for a completely different customer and when I did it messed up the redirection on the first customer even though I shared no configuration. I can provide a lot more details but wanted to see if this is a known issue before I do as I really need to break the production customer and trace to page.


Steps taken:


1. Create first exchange iApp (working)


2. Create second Exchange iApp (First one now does not auto-login and I am dumped at the logon page for OWA)


3. Delete second Exchange iApp (First one now gets a "page cannot be display" with clearly an incorrect redirect)


4. Create a duplicate of the first Exchange iApp (even though this is a different VS, now the first iApp is working properly)


Now I did this just to confirm the issue.


5. Delete duplicate Exchange iApp (back to "Page cannot be displayed" on the original iApp)


6. Recreate the duplicate iApp. (Original working fine and this is where I sit today)



Activesync was fine throughout all of this, seems like purely a redirection/sso issue. I have no idea if the second iApp ever worked.



Any ideas,



Thanks in advance,





  • Misty,


    This morning I successfully tested deploying two separate Exchange environments behind a single BIG-IP running APM. I can think of at least two features required by this solution that are only available in BIG-IP v11.3 and above, which are the AAA server pool and client-initiated forms SSO.



    You will also want to use the latest version of the iApp, RC3, which we expect to release in the next day or so. Can you send me a private message on DevCentral with your email contact info? I can let you know as soon as that RC has been declared.



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