Harnessing F5 Distributed Cloud Customer Edge on the HPE GreenLake Platform

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their IT infrastructure's performance, scalability, and security while optimizing costs. One solution to meet these demands is the integration of F5 Distributed Cloud (XC) Customer Edge (CE) within the HPE GreenLake platform. This strategic collaboration brings forth a combination of application delivery, security, and flexible consumption models that help organizations in their hybrid and multi-cloud environments.



What is F5 Distributed Cloud?

F5 Distributed Cloud Services are SaaS-based security, networking, and application management services that enable customers to deploy, secure, and operate their applications in a cloud-native environment wherever needed–data center, multi-cloud, or the network or enterprise edge.

What is HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake provides companies with an easy way to use cloud computing services. It lets businesses pay only for the IT infrastructure they need and use. With HPE GreenLake, companies don't have to purchase and manage their own IT hardware and software. Instead, HPE sets up the cloud services and handles maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure. This flexible approach makes it simpler and more affordable for enterprises to leverage the power of the cloud. It also gives companies access to the latest technology from HPE without large upfront investments. 

The Power of F5 XC Customer Edge

F5 XC CE is an application delivery and security software from F5 that can improve company IT systems in several ways. When businesses use F5 XC CE with HPE GreenLake cloud services, they get a powerful combined solution.

The F5 software helps ensure applications run fast and reliably by optimizing how they are delivered to users. It also strengthens application security against threats.

By implementing F5 XC CE through HPE GreenLake's flexible cloud platform, companies can deploy and manage these benefits faster and more easily. They don't need to purchase and maintain the infrastructure on their own.

Together, F5 XC CE and HPE GreenLake provide companies with an efficient way to boost application performance, enhance security, simplify IT operations, and reduce costs. The integrated solution transforms IT infrastructure into a strategic advantage that aligns with business goals.

Optimal Application Delivery

F5 XC CE provides traffic management and optimization methods to keep applications running fast and smoothly. The software balances user requests across available servers to avoid overloading any one server. It also optimizes how content is delivered based on application and network conditions.

These features maximize application performance and maintain consistent speeds for users even when traffic spikes occur. If demand increases, companies can rapidly scale up their infrastructure through HPE GreenLake's flexible cloud platform. The service allows expanding IT resources on demand to support more users and heavier workloads.

By working together, F5 XC CE's application optimization and HPE GreenLake's scalable cloud infrastructure ensure applications stay speedy and reliable at all usage levels. Companies don't have to sacrifice performance as their needs grow.

Robust Security Posture

F5 XC CE provides powerful application security capabilities that protect companies from cyber threats.  It includes features like:

  • Web Application Firewall to safeguard against attacks aimed at websites and web apps
  • DDoS protection to block malicious traffic floods
  • SSL/TLS encryption to secure sensitive data in transit

By using F5 XC CE with HPE GreenLake, businesses get robust, layered security for their applications and data.

HPE GreenLake adds extra defenses at the cloud infrastructure level. Together, the solutions create an end-to-end security envelope to safeguard critical systems and information.

Companies can deploy F5 XC CE's security easily and cost-effectively through HPE GreenLake's cloud platform. The service handles the deployment and infrastructure management.

With cyberattacks growing, applications need strong security. F5 XC CE and HPE GreenLake together provide a flexible, comprehensive security environment. Companies can protect their apps, data, and users across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Together, the solutions let organizations add or reduce cloud services and F5 capabilities on demand. Companies can scale up seamlessly during busy periods and scale down during slower times.

This flexibility optimizes costs. Businesses don't pay for more than they need. However, they can expand resources instantly to maintain performance and security when workloads increase.

Simplified Management

F5 XC CE and HPE GreenLake make managing IT infrastructure easier.

The solutions provide:

  • Centralized control to manage resources from one platform
  • Automation to reduce manual, repetitive management tasks
  • Streamlined provisioning and scaling of resources
  • Simplified monitoring

With these capabilities, the joint solution minimizes the workload for IT teams. It allows them to spend less time on routine IT management. Instead, they can focus on delivering more business value through strategic initiatives and innovation.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

F5 XC CE and HPE GreenLake are designed with hybrid and multi-cloud environments in mind. This compatibility ensures seamless integration between on-premises and cloud-based resources, allowing organizations to embrace cloud-native strategies while preserving investments in existing infrastructure.


Together, F5 XC CE and HPE GreenLake provide a strong IT infrastructure solution.

The key benefits:

- Optimized application performance
- Enhanced security
- Flexible, pay-as-you-go model
- Simplified infrastructure management

This partnership empowers businesses to:

- Meet changing needs
- Protect critical data
- Stay competitive

By combining F5's application expertise with HPE GreenLake's cloud platform, companies can confidently navigate technology challenges.

Kindly explore this demonstration that discusses the deployment of F5 Distributed Cloud Customer Edge within HPE GreenLake Central below. 


Published Oct 06, 2023
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