Microsoft Exchange Server

F5 works closely with Microsoft to ensure we are delivering the best possible technology and deployment guidance to support highly available and scalable Exchange Server deployments.

F5 performs extensive internal engineering and testing to develop deployment guides and associated iApp templates for Microsoft Exchange Server. The guides and templates enable organizations to easily provide additional performance, security and availability for Exchange Server deployments, ensuring maximum ROI with the minimum amount of work.

The following simple, logical configuration example shows one of the ways you can configure the BIG-IP system for Microsoft Exchange Server.



For specific information on Microsoft Exchange 2016, see and for Exchange 2013/2010, see

Go to to find the appropriate deployment guide for quickly and accurately configuring the BIG-IP system for Microsoft Exchange Server. If you have any feedback on these or other F5 guides or iApp templates, leave it in the comment section below or email us at We use your feedback to help shape our new iApps and deployment guides.

Published Jan 24, 2014
Version 1.0

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  • What is the difference between BigIP 11.1 vs 11.3 in relation to the iApp template. It says it's strongly recommened to go 11.3 and above, but I can't find the differences. Thanks if you can help
  • Hi Joe, do you think that latest iApp version works fine to deploy Exchange 2007 on v.11.4.1 with LTM only?
  • you could still deploy BIG-IP v11.5 for Exchange 2003 using the deployment guide (although there are some interface changes between v9 and v11). Could you please suggest what are those changes as I am stuck in deploying this and tried all the possible combination but its not going to work. ANy help to give a reference of configuration to deploy OWA 2003 on LTM 11.2 would be highly appreciated.