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Apr 27, 2012

Configuration sync - basic versus advanced





Looking through the documentation I cannot seem to find a satisfactory explanation for the difference between a basic or an advanced configysnc done via the GUI for BIG-IP 10.2.3 Build 112.0.




I'm running two LTMs in an active/standby configuration.




Can anybody run me through what exactly is updated by 1. a basic configuration sync and 2. an advanced configuration sync?




Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Ottimo,



    The advanced and basic options just refers to the options displayed for that page in the admin GUI. Regardless of what you select for that option, the config sync data is the same. If you change from advanced to basic on the config sync page you can see the option for the account name that BIG-IP will use to authenticate with the peer unit. By default it's the admin account.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Yep, realised that when I went to synchronise configurations... doh! Thanks for your help.