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Jun 25, 2019

Change HTTP Request to Proxy Request

I have a few web proxy servers offsite that user traffic flows outbound through. Onsite, I have these proxy servers fronted by an LTM v14 cluster. So, the user's browser points its proxy settings to the virtual server on the LTM, which forwards the HTTP/S traffic to a pool of proxy servers.


All that works fine, however I'd like to be able to change things so that the virtual server on the LTM can be set as my user's default gateway, so no browser proxy settings are needed (I realize this may complicate other things, just worried about outbound HTTP/S traffic for now). If I point a machine to use that virtual server as its default gateway, web traffic does not flow. I believe this is because instead of getting an HTTP_PROXY_REQUEST, the virtual server simply gets an HTTP_REQUEST, though I could be wrong.


So my question is, is it possible via an iRule to say something like, when HTTP_REQUEST, change to HTTP_PROXY_REQUEST?

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  • If you assign a VIP as a default gateway then all your traffic goes to that, which means your VIP should be a router as well.


    And that's now the VIP works, its just a listener, it cannot do any routing for you.


    The default gateway for a client is always mostly a router or a routing capable device.