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Apr 13, 2014




I would really appreciate any help as I am a little bit confused.


Is the BIG-IP 10200v GTM plus WOM end of life?


Is the 10250v the replacement of the 10200v or are two different models and the 10250v has just better specs?


Thanks a lot.






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  • When you say end of life, are you referencing a specific press release or EOL notice you saw? the platform 10200v just started selling so it is at the beginning of it's life.


    WOM as a separate license is not being sold anymore because it was combined with the WA (Web Accelerator) license to create one sku of AAM (Application Acceleration Module).


    WOM, is not end of life, just end of sale as a separate sku.


    10250v is the same platform, except it has SSD's instead of spinning disks which allows it to have 12 VCMP guests instead of the 10200v which supports 6


  • Thanks James you are right. I was confused as the part number for WOM 10200v is end of sale but not because the device will be end of sale, as you said is because the feature as changed of name AAM and the new suite is the BETTER edition. Thanks for the help James it is much appreciate it.