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Sep 16, 2023

GTM health Monitoring and Probe


I have a case in my GTM, as I added one Big IP server ( LTM ), and another server as a generic host, 

as I understand after I configure the server with the type bigip system the health monitor will be bigip and the GTM will know the status of VS from the LTM, if I configure the generic host and attach the health monitor on the virtual server the GTM use this health monitor to check the status of the generic host server, 

in my case, I noted that the GTM uses the servers that I added before with type bigip server to check the status of the Generic host server, is that normal behavior???!!!! 

and why does the GTM get the status for generic host server from the Bigip Server ( LTM ) ???


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  • The GTM (DNS) device will delegate the monitoring of a host to a configured LTM. If you do not want this, create a prober pool with only the GTM and assign this to the server for monitoring.

    Please see the folllwing. In particular, read carefully the section about Prober Pools and how the genetic host is monitored when no prober pool is assigned (the default).

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      I have a question about The GTM monitors and prober pools:

      In my case,  I have three datacenters, three gtm(one in each DC), and one prober pool, the prober pool include all three GTM,  and the prober pool was set to use Round Robin. And two vs, vs1 and vs2 in different DC, each vs was configured two health monitors(each monitor with different porbe interval, eg. vs1's monitors have interval 5s and 7s, vs2's monitors have interval 9s and 11s).

      so, my questions is, how does the porber pool Round Robin work?

      Looking forward to your help, thank you.