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Oct 12, 2023

AS3 + ltm node monitor

Is there a way to configure a node monitor using AS3?

I have a default-node-monitor of "none", but I have a few nodes which are created as AS3 Pool members that need an icmp monitor, and I do not see how to configure this with AS3.

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      Thanks for the answer.  I should have mentioned: I am quite familiar with using non-AS3 objects referenced from by AS3 declarations.  I am looking for a solution wholly baked into the declaration, but there does not appear to be any way to reference node monitors.

      I will open a Support case and perhaps a github Issue.

      • From the other GitHub questions about this it could be not possible with AS3 . You still can try using ansible to push the as3 and then another task to add the health monitors to the as3 created nodes. Keep in mind you may need to test if you update the as3 if the health monitors will remain as as3 could override them . Also ansible can add the nodes as variables inside the as3 template using jinja2 as this way the node up addresses could be in ansible variable that can be used by as3 and then the task that attaches the health monitors.