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Feb 01, 2012


Hey Guys, I am new to the F5 although i have been configuring one for the past month to be deployed overseas at one of our branch offices. With that being said, my boss wants all the bells and whistles configured. He wants Activesync. Now, our BIG IP does not have an LTM license. Can this be accomplished without it? I am running Ver 11.1 and i can't seem to find anything on this. Thanks!!!

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  • Also do see also the ready deployment guide (Configuring the BIG-IP for ActiveSync on page 12)

  • Do i need an SSO assigned to this server? It does not specify that. Also does it need a clientssl, and what about the access policy? it does not go into that.



  • Either way it did not work. When i look at the statistics of the server, nothing is even hitting it. No traffic going through it and i can ping it...
  • below are some info on dg





  • I have version 11.1


    Also, this method requires an LTM license which i don't have so i can use the template.



    Any other ideas?
  • I will take it that you have either APM standalone or EDGE gateway, the limitation is only there isn't any load balancing or persistence w/o LTM.


    As long as the limitation is not a concern as you using other technology for availability.


    But it still fulfill the authentication checks and pass on to the CAS.


    Chapter 2 did have a flow on that but you can assumed the SSL bridging since there is no LTM, it go direct to CAS.
  • Hello,


    Did you get this to work in the end?


    Having the same problem no LTM licence, followed the following document:


    But no luck so far.