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Sending syslogs and ltm logs to BIGIQ DCD


Has anyone tried sending syslogs and LTM logs from BIGIP to DCD?

I am exploring the BIG-IQ and DCD and trying to figure out this kind of setup.



@Nath Sadly I have only had the opportunity to configure a BIG-IQ CM but I have looked into the DCD piece and it seems fairly straight forward to point to the DCDs that you want to collect this data. What is the issue that you are encountering when setting this up? Or are you wanting to know just general pieces that need to be configure to send syslog to DCD?

I'm trying to send Syslog to DCD and I did this using Remote HSL. However, when remote HSL is configured in BIGIP I'm getting errors whenever I'm doing device discovery and import(see below).

Also in which part of BIG-IQ I can see the syslogs that BIGIP is sending?

Issue - remoteHSLOG 2.png

@Nath It seems like a configuration conflict with what is on the BIG-IQ doesn't match what is on the BIG-IP or possibly the other way around. These types of errors have occurred for me when a profile existed on the BIG-IQ and I synced the configuration to the BIG-IP with the checkbox something along the lines of "Delete Unused Objects" so the BIG-IQ was issuing a delete of the profile it had but the BIG-IP didn't have so it errored out. You might see if something like that exists when you are attempted to perform the discovery.

@Paulius thanks for the info. Let me remove services and try to rediscover them again. BTW can you point me to where I can see the syslogs that BIGIP sending to BIG-IQ? I'm exploring this and not really fluent in BIG-IQs.

@Nath I don't have a BIG-IQ available to me right now to verify but if memory serves me right, you should be able to go to the following path or something very similar to validate that you are indeed receiving logs.

On BIG-IQ CM > Monitoring > DASHBOARD > Access (not entirely positive about this part of the path)

Also keep in mind that you have to make sure the DCD communicates to the CM in order to view the logs properly. The following link is the closest I could find to being what you want. Sadly I haven't been able to locate much good documentation for the BIG-IQ but I wish they did have some.