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Can we pull the config sync from Active to standby when you are in standby device ?


Hi Experts !!!


say we have 2 f5 in cluster ,


1.BIGIP-TEST-1 (Active)

2.BIGIP-TEST-2 (Standby)


Now someone has done a change in Standby device .


Since BIGIP-TEST-1 is Active device . I would like to pull the latest config from Standby to Active .( I do not want to login to Standby and do the sync )


In this case,

1.How can I pull the config sync from standby device ?

2.Do we have any cli command to pull the config sync from other device ?

3.Do we have a command to know which device in the cluster has the recent changes made ?






Hello again, as per my last comment in the other thread, K15419 details sync operation and answers all of your queries.




Have you tested the auto sync feature as it should work no matter if you do the change on active or standby device ?


If it does not work check the bug tracker for issues and also you can test and schedule a bash script with a cronjob that checks every 10 minutes for example the audit log file and if someone did a change to trigger a config sync :