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Ansible - problem with adding routing domain in modules bigip_snat_pool, bigip_pool_member, bigip_static_route, bigip_virtual_server


Hi, I would like to use ansible in my Big IP configuration. General something it's running but I have some big problem with adding routing domains in configration. It's impossible to add routing domain (ex. like this in modules: bigip_snat_pool, bigip_pool_member, bigip_static_route, bigip_virtual_server: Below I put some ex. of ansible configuration .... bigip_snat_pool: server: .... user: admin password: secret name: .... state: present members:


bigip_pool_member: server: user: admin password: secret state: present pool: V1_P_PLUS_PL_81 partition: Common host: port: 81 monitor_type: single monitors: - TCP-UNIVERSAL delegate_to: localhost


bigip_static_route: destination: netmask: gateway_address:


name: Add virtual server bigip_virtual_server: server: ..... user: admin password: secret state: present partition: Common name: V1_V_PLUS_PL destination:



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

I was looking into something like this for a customer and it looks like some versions of the Ansible modules don't understand the percent notation that the GUI and BigIP config uses for Route Domain notation. Try removing the route domain from the IP address (meaning no more percent and rd id), then add a route-domain: 1 to your yaml task.



We hadn't any choice and we have started writing own ansible module. This module will understood routing domains and other things from my configration