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1Gb VE - Advice on license keys


Hi, our 1Gb legacy virtual editions went end of technical support on Aug 23rd - Because of this, we decided to upgrade our 1Gb VE's to new 1Gb VE's which hopefully will not be expiring any time soon.


We now have two new VE license keys to install.


As the current 1Gb VE's are in production, I was wondering if somebody can advise which option is best...


  1. Create two new VM's using the two new license keys (This will be hard for us as the downtime will be significant - We will need to use the same IP Addresses).
  2. Overwrite the existing license keys? Is this possible?


Anybodys help would be much appreciated.





Legacy Employee
Legacy Employee

You can change the registration key you use on a BIG-IP VE system and go through the relicensing process (generate dossier, upload dossier to F5 License Server, download new license, and install on BIG-IP). Please be aware that traffic processing will stop during relicensing, but it sounds as if the systems are not working right now anyway. Using the Configuration utility is the easiest way ( K7752: Licensing the BIG-IP system). If you no longer have GUI access to the BIG-IP system though, you can relicense from the command line. See K2595: Activating and installing a license file from the command line.