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Mar 12, 2017

Volume Management

Hello Guys,

I will install a HF2 to my current version 11.6.1 however we didn't have 11.6.1 base image in any other slot except the current boot location - MD1.1. In this I would like to remove the Oldest version 10.2.4 in our boot location which is MD1.2 can I just easily click install the 11.6.1 version and choose MD1.2 to overwrite the 10.2.4 in slot MD1.2?

BIG-IP  11.6.1  0.0.317 MD1 MD1.1   Yes Yes array   complete
BIG-IP  10.2.4  655.0   MD1 MD1.2   No  No  array   complete
BIG-IP  11.6.0  5.0.429 MD1 MD1.3   No  No  array   complete
BIG-IP  11.6.0  4.0.420 MD1 MD1.4   No  No  array   complete

Thank you!

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  • You can install v11.6.1 HF2 on partition MD1.2(old image v10.2.4) but sometimes image doesn't work properly n return partition error. Because you will be overriding current image v10.X to v11.6.1 and old image is not compatible. However I will recommend to delete partition MD1.2 n re create partition and install image.