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Sep 23, 2020

Virtual server address space on disaster recovery F5 instance

I am working on setting up a disaster recovery instance of an existing HA BIGIP pair. I would like to ConfigSync (sync only) my local devices to the new device which is located in a different data center. The issue is that if/when I needed to "fail over" (manually) to the new disaster recovery device, the IP space of the virtual servers are different. So for example if my virtual server "A" has a destination address of in my existing data center, the new destination address might be


(Note: I am less worried about pool member IP space, because I can use priority groups and have the disaster recovery pool member IPs pre-configured but disabled).


My first thought was a "DR go live" script which would search & replace the config file and reload it, but is there a more "elegant" way to handle this dilemma, without having them have the same IP space?



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  • I think you may be able to leverage BIGIP DNS (GTM) in this situation but I'm not sure if you can do it manually. I'm going to tag your post with GTM/DNS to see if other community users might chime in on this.