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Apr 05, 2016

Viprion 2250 Blade - design question

I am going to setup a guest on viprion 2250 blade. thinking to use single core vs two cores since there would be around 40-50 vips only on that guest and don't want to waste resources. if I calculate memory then host will assign 3.05 gb to the guest and I think that's more than sufficient for guest with 50 vips. I don't know how to count cpu.


are you guys agree with me? thoughts? suggestions? what are advantage and disadvantages to use single core vs multi core?




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    CPU usage will depend on virtual server type, features you are using. I think only way to get the the some baseline is by simulating your environment.
  • As Venky said, this will heavily depend on your specific setup. I would personally avoid a single core setup if you are going to be doing any manipulation of HTTP requests. If you're just doing TCP load balancing, you *might* be okay.