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Mar 13, 2012

upgrading from 9.x to 11.x

hello everybody i am trying to update a big-ip ltm version 9.2.3 to the version 11.1 do anybody know if this is possible without going thru the version 10.X?




I will appreciate any help






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  • I think you have to upgrade to 10.x first. I'd suggest 10.2.0 as that's where 11.x was branched from 10.x.



    The release notes state that you can't upgrade from any 9.x version to 11.1:





    Upgrading from versions earlier than 10.x



    You cannot roll forward a configuration directly to this version from BIG-IP version 4.x, or from BIG-IP versions 9.0.x through 9.6.x. You must be running version 10.x software. For details about upgrading to those versions, see the release notes for the associated release.




  • Thank you hoolio, i will use the image2disk to instal the 10.2 and then i have to run again the imag2disk to install the 11? or can i do it from the navigation pane?


  • Hi Daniel,



    Once you have a 10.x slot installed on volumes, you can install 11.x on a second slot via the GUI or using tmsh.