NTP Monitor for 11.x -- With Complete Instructions

Problem this snippet solves:

As the F5 LTM does not come with an NTP health monitor, I began my search for one. I found one here, written for 9.x and spent a few minutes getting it to work in 11.5.4.

Disclaimer: All the hard work was already done, I simply made a few updates to it for 11.x: https://devcentral.f5.com/codeshare/ntp-monitor

How to use this snippet:

  • Upload NTP.pm (NTP Library) via FTP to the '/usr/bin/monitors/CPAN/Net' directory (You will have to create the CPAN and Net folders using the 'mkdir' command in UNIX shell).
  • Import custom NTP healthcheck file, ntp_mon: 'System >> File Management >> External Monitor Program File List >> Import'
  • Local Traffic>> Monitors >> Create
  • Name: ntp_monitor
  • Type:external
  • External Program: ntp_mon
  • Bind to pool, and treat like normal health monitor.
  • To ensure functionality, temporarily add a host that you know does not serve NTP such as your desktop, to ensure it marks the host down.

Code :

Published Nov 22, 2016
Version 1.0

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