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Jun 25, 2019

upgrade oddity / anomoly?



Ran into an oddity upgrading from to This upgrade was done to 8 HA clusters. There have been many software upgrades going back to 2012. Not one issues with any previous upgrade.


What I did.


I backed up the configuration (ucs) and re-activated the license.


I installed the software.


I then booted to the volume where the software was installed.


Everything seemed just fine.


Then the user community started working. Immediately several issues occurred across several HA pairs. The issue was consistent across all instances. What happened is several load balancing instances (VIP, POOL monitor) were missing.


I scrambled for the entire day rebuilding instances across multiple HA clusters. (I was tempted to restore to the UCS file created before the upgrade, but I wanted to load that on a test box to see the difference in configurations – but did not have a chance. )


The one thing that did stand out was the bigip.conf was dated 6/4/2019 – should this have changed as many load balancing instances were created, modified or deleted across multiple clusters up to the date of install, which was 6/22/2019.


Any thoughts? Or is this just a plain anomaly?



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  • Hello et.


    How do you figure out that the date of the bigip.conf was out-of-date? Checking UCS?


    Base on your notes, I guess it's not your case, but if you configure something after completing the image installation process you should manually load the config in the new boot location.

    • VIPRION: clsh --slot=<blades> cpcfg <HD1.x>
    • NOT VIPRION: cpcfg <HD1.x>


    I was searching on known issues and it doesn't seem there is anything related.


    Did you check /var/log/liveinstall.log to check if any error occurred during the installation?


    I strongly recommend you to open a support case and let us know any update :-)