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May 28, 2022

Unable to Clear Statistics on VS and Pool

Hi all,

I tried searching this topic and couldn't find any results.  I'm trying to clear the statistics for a virtual server and a pool on an LTM, in the GUI, but when I try to clear it, nothing happens.

VS - Statistics - Clear all Statistics
Pool - Statistics - Reset (on all pool members)

I was thinking a GUI bug, and tried in tmsh but no success with commands:

reset-stats ltm virtual vs_name
reset-stats ltm pool pool_name

Anyone have any ideas on how I can clear them, any other methods or ways?

Running BIG-IP


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  • Hello,

    You can try reseting the statistics from the GUI: traffic statistics, you navigate to BIG-IP Configuration > Statistics > Module Statistics > Local Traffic, and set the Statistics Type to Pools.

    If it still there, try restating http demaon and tomcat and check again.