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Nov 05, 2020

Two fail over object on ha group

Hi guys I need your help fail over occur when configure Two fail over object (two trunk) on ha group? fail over occur when turn down one trunk ? or fail over occur when turn off both trunk? than...
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    Nov 09, 2020



    If I understand you correctly, you're asking about HA group configuration behavior. If yes, then it depends on 2 parameters:

    • "Must have a minimum of ... " parameter
    • HA weight score.
    • Active bonus score

    So, when you're setting Failover method, you have to set it to "Best HA Score" and after everything is done by simple math calculation. Each object in HA Group (in your case trunks) has it weight and hence score, so they are accumulated + don't forget about active device bonus score. So in the end, failover occurs if active device will end with lower HA score than the passive one.


    For more details you can read the following article:


    There is configuration based on pool members, but the logic is the same.


    Hope that helps.

    // Giorgi