Certified Kubernetes Administrator - Study Group

I recently completed my CKA and want to encourage others as I was encouraged. To that end, I'm going to facilitate a study group that will kick off the week of April 24th.


  • You're welcome to join in on the fun for weeks 1 and 2, but you must register for the exam by week 3 and set a test date to continue on with the study group. Commitment is key! The exam is $395 but I have a code that should get you 50% off if you register in the first two weeks of our study group.
  • You will sign up for a week of material to learn and share with the group what you learned, and walk the group through the lab exercises that challenged you the most and what you learned from them.
  • You'll commit the time to study, it's a lot of material to learn
  • You'll show up for and participate in meetings (with the understanding that life happens)


The only required material for this study group is the Certified Kubernetes Administrator with Practice Tests course on Udemy. It is $35, but sometimes it's discounted, I think I got it at $19 when I registered. In the course material, there is a coupon that will unlock the CKA course labs for free on KodeCloud.com.


As far as time is concerned, I know that will be tricky. I'm available most days Tuesday-Friday between 3pm - 6pm central. We can nail down a timeslot once everyone interested is set. From a weekly perspective, you can expect about 3-4 hours of course content, plus the labs, plus any additional studying you might do on your own.

Week Date Concepts
1 April 24th Introduction | Core Concepts
2 May 1st Scheduling | Logging & Monitoring | Storage
3 May 8th Application Lifecycle Management | Cluster Maintenance
4 May 15th Security
5 May 22nd Review | Killer.sh Lab Attempt #1
6 May 29th Networking
7 June 5th Designing & Installing a Cluster | Installing the kubeadm way | Troubleshooting
8 June 12th Mock Exams | Killer.sh Lab Attempt #2
9 June 19th Prep for / take your exam

 Any questions on the exam, the material, the study group, drop them below. I hope to see you the week of April 24th! If you want to join, send me a DM here on DevCentral or shoot me an email at j.rahm@f5.com and I'll add you to the group. First group I'll likely limit to the first 8-10 to keep it small enough to encourage conversation.

Updated Apr 11, 2023
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