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Mar 14, 2022

Trying to Update F5 Fleet with Python Script

Hello Team,

Hope everything is fine, I have been working on F5 Python SDK for more than two years and now we have a new requirement to upgrade all load balancers using python,

I was able to make a script to get the volume/ upload image .

Now I am strugling with the upgrade part


I am getting this error 

Exception has occurred: TypeError
'Image' object is not callable


It seems that the library only has this class
class Images(Collection, CommandExecutionMixin):
    """BIG-IP® system software image collection."""
    def __init__(self, software):
        super(Images, self).__init__(software)
        self._meta_data['allowed_lazy_attributes'] = [Image]
        self._meta_data['attribute_registry'] = \
            {'tm:sys:software:image:imagestate': Image}
            'name', 'volume'))
I would like to see how I can use the CommandExecutionMixin to appand the command "install" 
Any idea?