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Apr 11, 2012

TCP:Protocol issue

we have configured a Virtual servers with Protocol: TCP to handle the request on HTTPS 443 to a IBM HTTP webserver. However i am getting a 404 message while accessing the application using the VIP configured for this new virtual server.



However application works fine, if i directly access the webserver URL.

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  • Hi George,


    There could be a no. of reasons, I am mentioning below what you need to check some of the things.




    On the LTM check the following



    1. Are the pools members showing up ?


    2. Is the virtual server showing up?


    3. Have you selected the right pool in the virtual server?


    4. From the LTM box can you ping the IBM servers?


    5. Try to configure the Auto SNAT in the VS to check if it works or not?


    6. If HTTPS is not working fine try to configure your VS to use HTTP and check if it works?



    On you system check the following,



    1. May be you need to remove the proxy or add exception to the proxy on client machine.


    2. Try to ping the virtual server you should get the reply (unless you have blocked it on your firewall and LTM is in another zone.)


    3. Have you define the entry in the DNS on the Local LAN to resolve to the VS IP ?




    Do update your findings....





  • what tcp port is ibm http server listening to? isn't it port 80?
  • Generally speaking, a 404 is not going to be returned by the LTM because it's not a web server. So my inclination is that the request is getting to the webserver, which is responding with a 404.



    When you hit the webserver directly, I suspect you are using different URLs which could change the way IHS responds depending how it is configured. To construct an appropropriate test, in my opinion, create an entry in your local hosts file with the IP address of the webserver the DNS name of the VIP. Then you will be hitting the webserver directly, but using the DNS name of the VIP.