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Mar 20, 2012

SIP profile, drops packet



In my iRule I would like to trigger on Sip events and use for example SIP::Call-ID . I for that reason added the SIP profile to my VS, but then it drops the packet and the counter ‘Bad message’ is stepped if I do ‘b profile sip show all’. I’m running 10.2.1 HF3 and I read SOL9506, but 10.2.x is not one of the versions it applies to… I also tried to tweak our Sip packet to for fill what was in the solution, but without knowing the parser it is hard.



I also tested our packet towards kamailio sanity module (Open source sip proxy with all checks turned on and it passed all those checks. Have anyone any idea how the packet is validated in F5? Is it either possible to turn the validation off or get out the reason in some way? Or get hold of the parser so I can tweak our packet so it will pass



Best Regards Ulf

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  • Hi Ulf,



    It sounds like the application you are using is sending some anomaly in the sip payload, but without any traces, it would be hard to confirm.



    I would like to suggest to open a case with support, they will be able to help you here.