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Jan 22, 2016

SFlow routing

Hi All,


I want to setup SFlow sending to a Solarwinds(SW) server. The standard polling is between the SW server and the mgmt. port. Will SFlow use the same mgmt. interface and route or will I need to setup a static route? If I need to setup a static route will that affect the current SW to F5 mgmt traffic path?


Thanks in advance


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  • Thanks for the reply Eric. Do you know why the destination address must be in a local subnet?


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      The explanation that I've seen before is that if you're processing a lot of sFlow data (i.e. on multiple 40 Gbit interfaces) it would be possible to saturate the 1 Gbit management port. If the sFlow collector is only accessible via the mgmt interface it is possible to create an isolated route domain (using a data plane interface) that sits on the same network as the mgmt interface and reference the collector by route domain notation (i.e. mgmt:, tmm_mgmt_rd1:, sFlow target: Depending on preference/network policy this may or may not be desirable.
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      Thanks. I understand the possibility of mgmt. interface saturation but was curious why the destination would be limited to a local subnet. I've linked the Sflow output to a local firewall and NET'td the connection. I just need to get data through the device to see if it all works. I'll add a post once once I have it working. Thanks for you responses they're greatly appreciated.
  • How was your testing Deee-blue? I'm configure the sflow output through self ip but getting no data in Top 100 Conversations.