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May 15, 2024

Reset cause


someone can help me with this? I've a F5 LTM VM and the sho /net rst-cause command displays this situation:

TCP/IP Reset Cause
RST Cause:                            Count
Flow expired (sweeper)               103387
No flow found for ACK                339414
No pool member available                  0
RST from BIG-IP internal Linux host  659163
SSL handshake timeout exceeded            3
TCP RST from remote system           114027
TCP retransmit timeout                   48
TCP zero window timeout                 136
Unknown reason                           57
handshake timeout                     52912


I have tried enabling the logs on LTM in order to understand the handshake timeout resets cause but I am quite confused. I can't figure out the cause of the TCP handshakes or how increase them in the tcp profile.

The LTM log returns me this error:
RST sent from to, [0x2f3864d:271] {peer} handshake timeout


Thank you for your support.

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  • Hi Rosarra,
    Try capturing the handshake failure with tcpdump. That should give you some clues as to why it's failing.

  • you also need to check the client and server side (depends on what side is

    it seems the error message is caused by tls handshake time out.
    if there is ips/ids between f5 and client/server that does ssl proxy, you might need to check on them as well