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Nov 19, 2022

Require username and password for virtual server

Hi A host PC try to access virtual server created with A box window appear like below. I tried to access it with different crendentials, but failed. Anyone can tell which username and password? Thanks


  • davidy2001 , 

    What is the server type behind f5 ? 

    Maybe this authentication message comes from the backend server which behind f5 and published by "" 


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  • How devcentral team knows your password?  please check with concern team

  • Hi davidy2001 , 
    this prompt doesn’t relate to F5 or virtual servers but your PC operating system (windows/MAC)  itself , 
    at the same time this usr is wrong "http:" how http and port 80 could exist in same line , 
    ( = ) I mean that. 

    > Does this window appear during accessing the virtual server from a browser or what ? 


  • Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh Thanks. The topology is like this:

    user PC -----(

    > Does this window appear during accessing the virtual server from a browser or what ? Yes

    user PC access and got the below info. Is this Authentication Required from user PC or node or other? 



  • Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh 

    Do you ask what kind of node behind f5? it has two devices. One is router, other is win7.

    Using credential of router cannot resolve the issue. but

    After I disabled the router, that Authentication required box disapper. 

    You are right. the issue resolved. Thank you!

    I got below page. that is because this is win7 without page setting. but still feel weired one router as node cause such strange behavire

    • Hi davidy2001 , 
      Great news bro , I expected that behavior because of a device behind your F5 device. 

      > I want to say that accessing a routed behind F5 isn’t doable , Router is used to transfer traffic and only you can test " ping icmp " on it through F5. 

      > But if you published web server behind F5 you can access it with using F5 virtual server , and publishing web servers is the most widely deployed with F5 , But F5 does say no to any device behind it and can deal with any type of technologies.