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Sep 23, 2022

replacing blade 2100 to 2150 viprion c2400

greetings all,

i am newbie on installing viprion series, my customer has viprion C2400 with existing blade 2100 which is end of life device, right now they have already purchase 2150 to replace the 2100.  i have seen the link Replacing a blade in a VIPRION system that has only one blade installed ( , my question is, is it possible if we install the replacement blade in the VIPRION chassis while leaving the existing blade in the chassis and let the cluster replicate the configuration to the replacement blade ? please advice

thank you

  • That is correct. I would tell you that you probably want to have a maintenance window ready and a proactive case with F5 support. Just in case. It's a major event. Start with the backup VIPRION. Once it's back up.. and it will take time to boot.. you fail to it. Then do the other.  Fail back if you want to, but no hurry. 🙂

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      hi PSilva 

      thank you for the information on the article

      i have read the articles,right now just wondering :

      1. does the new blade will automatically becomes a member of the cluster so the software image and configuration will be copied to the new blade?

      2. on the article you shared, there are 2 conditions, those are :

      • Slot 1 contains the original blade.
      • Slot 2 contains the new blade and is the primary slot in the cluster.

      because the existing primary is the old blade 2100, should i change the primary slot to slot 2 first after inserting the new one?  and if i change the primary to slot 2, will it impact to the existing configuration on the existing blade like overwriting the configuration?

      3. on the articles, if we pushes the collected vdisk to slot 2, does it means that it will erase all the configuration on the slot 1? because i still need the slot 1 blade to have the configuration after i remove the blade, this is necessary for rollback action if the process not run properly

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        1. Yes. It should have the entirety of the configuration.. including cluster state. Only way that would change is if UUID, MAC or processor type changed.. which would leave you needing to re-key the sync, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none between a 2100 and a 2150. The internal hardware architecture is similar enough that the hypervisor should be able to handle anything with this process between the two.

        2. This is purely preferential, although, the article indicates you should swap slots AFTER the vdisk copy, rather than before. I think this is just to reduce complexity / opportunity for downtime.

        3. You are only copying vdisks to the new blade, then step 4 has you pull the old blade. In theory, you should be able to plug that into another viprion (NOT on same collision domain, preferred!) and boot it.