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Sep 03, 2020

Reboot secondary HA after ConfigSync

Reboot secondary HA after ConfigSync





We have 2 Big-IP Viprion in HA, SO: BIG-IP 11.4.1 Build 637.0 Hotfix HF3


Today we delete one irule and ConfigSync from "Sync Device to Group" with "Overwrite Configuration"


Synchronization failed and the secondary rebooted, we don't know why rebooted.


After the secondary started we ConfigSync again with no problem.


I attach a zip file with the logs


Could be any of these bugs?


thanx for help.


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  • There are many reason to re-start the other unit. I would suggest you to review the logs for more information.


  • What log? (ltm, audit?....) Where can I get information to guide me to do a troubleshooting?

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      Search the logs file or generate the qkview and upload in ihealth.

      ==> /var/log/ltm

      ==> /var/log/tmm

      ==> /var/log/audit


      If still having difficulty, open support case for more help.