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Jan 16, 2023

Why it does not switching secondary ip address on azure when failover???

Device 1 : #1 (Active)
Device 2 : #2 (Standby)
I performed a failover.
Active device running Failover script, but it fail.
There seems to be an abnormal operation on the secondary IP.
to assign both equipment 1 and 2 to equipment NIC 2.
I need reset the failover extention or get metadate(azure) information.
How can I?

  • Hi JRahm 

    I couldn't find a solution from the data you gave me.

    but I will try the following measures.

    Clear the statusdb file:

    1. In the Azure portal, go into the storage account ending with 'data000'
    2. Go to containers, "failover" container
    3. Delete statusdb file

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