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Jun 18, 2017

PulseSecure SSL VPN

Hi, I am facing a strange issue when I am trying to publish pulsesecure ssl vpn (Formerly known as juniper ssl vpn), It works without ASM and does not work with ASM and no blocking log gets generated in ASM. SSL VPN requires two virtual server, one for https and other for udp/4500. https is for login, host checker and network connect while 4500 is actual vpn. With ASM, hostchecker launching gives error while everything works perfecting without ASM. I am wondering, what could be the issue.


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  • Try disabling CSRF (cross site request forgery) in your ASM policy, as the embedded javascript that detects it may be throwing off the host checker process. If that works, then just setup an exclusion for CSRF for those uri's..


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        Hi Nurrudin, 

        Have you found the solution? We are also in same situation and looking to find solution. 

        Any solution would be much appreciated.