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Jul 29, 2020

Pool members from different VLANs

Is it possible to have a given pool composed of members from different VLANs? If so, what configuration would be required for the self-IPs & VLANs involved?



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    Yes it is possible. Now the configuration requirements are based on your network design. Below points may help you to get some clarity on it.


    1.     F5 is acting as default gateway for all your pool members –


    In this case, you need to have Self IP on the F5 which belongs to the VLAN of pool members. And that self IP will act as default gateway for the pool members. For this, you need to create VLAN on F5 and bind that VLAN to the Self IP.


    2.     Pool members do not have F5 acting as default gateway. (L3 Switch/Router is acting as default gateway for the pool members) –


    In this case, you are using SNAT on the virtual Servers. For this, you don’t need to have separate Self IP from the VLAN which belongs to pool members. You will just create Virtual Server and enable SNAT on it. And bind pool to it. Here, you need to take care of routing part. You should have proper routing for the pool members IP/network to reach it.


    e.g. You are creating Virtual Server from subnet and Pool member belongs to Here you will have Self IP on the F5 from network and create VS using one of the available IP from the same segment with SNAT. And you will have proper route on F5 to reach pool member’s network i.e.


    Hope it helps!