DevCentral's Featured Member for February - Edouard Zorrilla

Our Featured Member series is a way for us to show appreciation and highlight active contributors in our community. Communities thrive on interaction and our Featured Series gives you some insight on some of our most engaged folks. DevCentral MVP Edouard Zorrilla is our Featured Member for February! He's been helping many other members with some great tips so let's catch up with Edouard!

DevCentral: First, please explain to the DC community a little about yourself, what you do and why it is important.

Edouard: I am a Professional Engineer licensed in the Province of Alberta, Canada. I have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years now. I am specialized in the Network Security scope. That being said, I like working in the Network Security because keeping information safe it is important for organizations our communities as well.

DevCentral: You’ve been an active contributor in the DevCentral community.  What keeps you involved?

Edouard: I find the community to be a good place to find answers and knowledge. There is also people with plenty experience willing to help other members and share their experience.

DevCentral: Tell us a little about the technical expertise you have.

Edouard: I have been working in the IT sector for over 20 years now, and in F5 Networks technologies for the last 10 years.

DevCentral: You are a Network Analyst at ASEBP. Can you describe your typical workday, how you manage work/life balance and the strong support of F5 solutions? How has the recent pandemic impacted your work?

Edouard: My typical workday is basically to enhance the security posture at our organization. The F5 Infrastructure has proven to be very flexible and capable to meet our expectations. The pandemic has basically moved all employees working remotely, and now most of the staff continue working remotely using F5 security gateways to terminate the SSL VPN tunnel.

DevCentral: Do you have any F5 Certifications? If so, why are these important to you and how have they helped with your career?

Edouard: I have my F5 DNS certification recently achieved. Those certifications have been a factor to advance on my career while showing the employers that I am capable to support and manage their networks. That is why I now plan to challenge the BIG-IP ASM exam

DevCentral: Describe one of your biggest Customer challenges and how the community helped in that situation. (Does not necessarily have to be DevCentral)

Edouard: One of the biggest challenges we had was to provide a fast and secure VPN access when the pandemic broke. We had been able to accomplish those requirements using BIG-IP APM.

DevCentral: Lastly, if you weren’t doing what you’re doing – what would be your dream career? Or better, when you were a kid – what did you want to be when you grew up?

Edouard: When I saw the Star Wars saga, I wanted to build those star ships. That seemed to be very exciting.

---Thanks Edouard! The DevCentral Community really appreciate your willingness to share with our Members.

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Updated Feb 06, 2023
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  • Edouard - you might be the first person I've heard say they wanted to *build* the starships! It makes sense though; build the ship, send it out, it may not come back but you remain safe with the occasional test-flight around an endor moon; gotta have some quality control.

    Pick your starship wisely though - I wouldn't wanted to have been one of the poor independent contractors building that second Death Star when the Rebels blew it up 🎇 with that photon torpedo. #Innocents



  • My dad used to always show me cross sections of Star Wars and Star Trek ships! He was an engineer and wanted to pass on some of his nerdiness to the next generation. 🙂 

    Thanks for being part of the community!

  • Congratulations Ed - this is awesome !!! 

    Great to see a fellow canadian (and one of my customers) to get recognized 😀